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Sindelfingen offers the best conditions in the middle of one of the most economically strong metropolitan regions in Europe. Here, people with great entrepreneurial spirit get to work. We at Sindelfingen Business Development Corp. work passionately every day to ensure that it stays that way: today and in the future. Together with you, we want to make Sindelfingen even stronger and focus on new companies. With passion and vision we work hard every day to make Sindelfingen the ideal location for you as an entrepreneur and investor.

Business hub Sindelfingen

Sindelfingen is a strong business hub! Not only because of its excellent infrastructure and the largest Mercedes-Benz Group AG automobile plant worldwide. But because of the many other companies that have settled here: Mechanical engineers, craftsmen, retailers, service providers. Not […]

Real estate portal Sindelfingen

Get an overview of the private and public commercial real estate offers in Sindelfingen.

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