Sindelfingen: attractive for everyone

A strong city relies on good marketing.

The Sindelfingen City Marketing Association (Verein City-Marketing Sindelfingen e.V.) was established in 1998. This organisation combines activities relating to the city centre and the city as a whole, and is also responsible for complete marketing of the city centre. Since it was founded, this 11-strong organisation has worked together with the main players in the city centre to develop a varied marketing programme which publicises Sindelfingen city centre beyond the boundaries of the city.

At the beginning of 2007, management responsibility for the Sindelfingen City Marketing Association was transferred to Wirtschaftsförderung Sindelfingen GmbH. Existing competencies are therefore combined under one roof, synergy effects are used and processes are improved through hand-in-hand work.

The most important marketing measures have proved to be two shopping Sundays each year and the “Sindelfinger Feuerabend“ when people can shop until midnight. These events in Sindelfingen also attract tens of thousands of visitors from outside the city.

Other focal points in the city marketing strategy include accompanying services relating to the weekly market in Sindelfingen. Offering a large and impressive range of products, the market is held three times a week in the heart of the city on the market square.

Holders of the SindelfingenCard, a parking card provided by the Sindelfingen public utility company, can now collect bonus points for their purchases in around 50 partner companies in the city centre and redeem these points during one of their next shopping trips. Just under 4,000 card holders have taken part so far in this bonus system.